Monday, October 27, 2008

Sick Puppy

So just a little update, after a little while away.

Ty's school year is going well, his kids are light years away from his children last year.  He has said that after this year, he would gladly teach at another Chicano/Chicana school, because of how respectful and dedicated to learning his kids are.  What a bonus :)

I have begun the long slog back to school.  I was a little concerned at the transition, but at the same time I was pretty confident seeing as how it seems that I have been constantly thrown under the bus, and am still kicking.  But in all my limited 20 some odd year old expertise, I have come to realize that I am not nearly as spry or as witty as I was when I was even just a few years younger.  Or, and probably more likely, I am less bendable and less willing to seek justification from somebody else.  And so, the transition has been a bit more "colorful" shall we say, than anticipated.  Anyways, it is mid term week, and I am SLAMMED.  And to think, I pay for this torture.

The other big thing, that has provided for my absence is actually a little battle that we have had with our little puppy girl. Rykka decided that it would be cute to shred off 2 foot long sections of her blankets and swallow them whole.  Her stomach and intestines did not agree as to the cuteness of this and staged a fairly drastic rebellion against her.  After dealing with 24 hours of nearly constant vomiting and diarrhea, gracing nearly every room in the house and leaving her near actual death, and the proceeding hospital visit and $1000 dollars vet bill, time and money that I certainly don't have, she is left marginally alive, severely underweight, now with a phobia of  any dish containing water, you know the stuff that allows her to go on living.  So...  Anyways, I apologize for the absence, and hopefully we will have a chance to talk to one another after midterms when I return to the real world of half functioning individuals.